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Perfect to share.


with falafel, Kalamata olves, cucumber, onion, oregan and tzatziki sauce


with avocado, corn, pobil chicken, onion, homemade totopos and chipotle mayonnaise.

Caesar 8.95

with confited chicken, croutons, crispy bacon, cherry, parmesan and Caesar dressing.

Crispy goat´s cheese 9.45

with croutons, nuts,quince and honey and mustard vinaigrette

Mediterranean 9.45

with baked peppers, feta cheese, rocke and Kalamata olives.

American with crispy chicken 9.45

with bacon, fried onion, mix of cheeses and cocktail sauce.



with Naan bread.


with chicken and vegetables.

French fries 6.95

with carbonara sauce.

Iberico ham croquettes 7.95

Corn totopos with guacamole 7.95

Corn totopos with 3 cheeses mix 8.45

Chicken sticks 8.45

with chipotle and truffle mayonnaise

Avocado tartar9.95

with tomato, goat’s cheese and citrics dressing

Aubergine parmigiana9.95

with tomato, mozarella and parmesan cheese.

Baby squids9.95

with mediterranean ali oli

Truffle oil with eggs 9.95

and iberico ham

sandwiches y wraps

We serve our sandwiches with artisan dour dough bread and traditional french fries

Crispy chicken wrap8.95

with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and cocktail sauce

Vegetal sandwich 9.45

with zucchini, goat’s cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelized onion and basil mayonnaise.

American sandwich 9.45

with ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and grilled egg.

Chicken club sandwich9.45

with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

burger gourmet

180 gr. 100% beef from Galicia, homemade daily, grilled and with french fries.


with lettuce, tomato, melted cheese, crispy onion and basil mayonnaise.


with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, crispy onion, bbq sauce and mayonnaise

4 cheese 10.95

with tomato relish, mushrooms, crispy onion and three cheese sauce.


with iberico ham, melted cheese, lettuce, truffle mayonnaise and fried egg.

Ask for your double burger for 3€ more

pastas, rices & woks


spaguetti with tomato sauce and minced beef


spaguetti with bacon and cheese.

Truffle 8.95

penne rigati with truffle sauce and parmesan cheese.

King prawns yakisoba10.95

with seasonal vegetables and yakisoba sauce..

Mushrooms risotto 9.95

with mushrooms mix and parmesan cheese

Jarmin rice wok11.95

with vegetables, nuts and chicken with soy and honey dressing..

Vegetable wok10.95

with dried fruits vinaigrette and seeds


Saumon poke11.95

with classic dressing, avocado, edamames, cucumber, wakame seaweed and mango


Tosa-mi, raw tuna with guacamole, wakame seaweed and japanese dressing.

Grilled saumon 13.95

with tomatoes salad and avocado.

Cod fish & chips12.95


Grilled chicken10.95

with baked potatoes, fried peppers and ali oli sauce

Crispy chicken11.95

with ham, gratinated with cheddar and parmesan bechamel.

Pork sirloin 11.95

with Strogonoff sauce, sweet potatoes and stir crunchy fries.


cooked at low temperature with sweet potatoes and french fries.

Grilled rib steak14.95

with three cheese sauce.

Sauteed veal sirloin15.45

with red onion, tomato, fries and grilled egg.

Veal sirloin medallions16.95

with truffle sauce and ratte potatoes.