menu weekend - Foodoo


Friday night, Saturday and lunch time Sunday

(holidays and the eve of holidays)

Includes a satarter, a main dish, a dessert or coffee
bread service €1
Price per person. TAX included
Please inform your waiter of any allergy
vegetarian spicy

small bites

(out of menu)

Chicken pibil quesadilla2.50

(1 piece)

Crispy chicken fingers4.95

with kaisu sauce.


(4 pieces)

French fries with truffle sauce4.95

Totopos 4.95

with guacamole, three cheese sauce and pico de gallo.


Pumpin carrot and ginger soup

Russian salad

with tuna and fried egg.

Confited chicken caesar salad

with breadcrumbs, crispy bacon and parmesan cheese.

Crispy goat´s cheese salad

with breadcrumbs, walnuts, honey and mustar dressing.


(4pieces) chicken and vegetable dumplings with thai dressing and oriental mayonnaise.

Ibérico ham croquettes

(4 pieces)


with crudittés and naan bread.

Avocado tartar

with tomato and goat´s cheese.


(2 pieces) chicken pibil, melted cheese and chipotle mayonnaise.

Foodoo´s totopos

with three cheese sauce, guacamole and pico de gallo.

Penne rigatti

sauted with truffle sauce and low temperature cooked egg.

Chicken and beef crispy rolls

with melted cheese and chipotle sauce.

main dishes

Aubergine parmigiana

with tomato, mozarella and parmesan cheese.

Mushroom risotto

with mushrooms mix and parmesan cheese.

Creamy rice

with baby squid and king praws.

Ramen noodles

stir fried with king prawns, baby squid and yakisoba sauce.

Fried eggs with fries

Iberico ham and truffle sauce.

Bolognese Lasagna

fresh pasta stuffed with our homemade bolognese sauce with bechamel au gratin.

Salmon Poke

with jazmin rice, classic dressing, avocado, edamames, cucumber, wakame seawed and mango (1€ extra)

Tuna tataki

with creamy avocado, wakame seaweed, oriental mayonnaise and Thai dressing.

Chicken fajitas

two tortillas filled with chicken, guacamole and pico de gallo.

Crispy chicken wrap

with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, crispy onion and cocktail sauce.

Grilled marinated chicken

with roasted tubers and ali oli.


two juicy golden burgers with loads of melted cheese, crispy onion, american sauce, bacon and fries.

Pork ribs

low temperature cooked, marinated and caramelized with barbeque sauce in the oven.
(€2 extra)

Grilled entrecôte steak (270gr)

with three cheese sauce red roasted peppers and fries. (€2 extra)



with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate.

Cheese cake

with red berries


with nutella ice cream and chantilli cream

Yogurt mousse

with mango syrup.


with nutella ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.



two balls of chocolate, vainilla, nutella or strawberry.